High Technology Business Management

High Technology
Business Management

Master's programme
in the Russian Federation

Amazing chance to get education in Samara - space capital of Russia

  • cost

    67.2K rub/year
    33.6K rub/sem

  • duration

    24 month
    120 credits

  • deadline/ start

    4 August/
    1 september

  • requirements

    bachelor of

  • language

    English / upper

Areas of expertise

Choose this programme to become highly employable

Students of the programme will receive extensive training in the field of the innovative projects, technology implementation; production systems, finance and investments, human resources, intellectual property, innovative entrepreneurship, the acceleration of innovation and the scaling up of innovations. This Master’s programme trains highly qualified specialists ready to solve a variety of analytical and research problems arising in hi-tech industries.

Technology implementation

Innovative Projects

Finance and investments

Human resources

Intellectual property

Educational programme

Course Catalog

Samara University provides education that adheres to global quality standards.
To start training within the master's programme one must have a Diploma of Higher Education (Bachelor’s/specialist’s degree).
The Master’s Programme «High-Technology Business Management» provides 120 ECTS. ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System. Studies include lectures, laboratory works, workshops, seminars, independent studies, semester projects and examinations and consists of 4 full-time semesters.


Vast career opportunities

This Master’s programme trains professionals ready to solve a variety of analytical and research problems arising in different industries to become leaders in high technology business. Our graduates will work in the field of science-intensive industrial enterprises, Federal and regional agencies of innovations. Positions held by graduates will likely include project managers, development directors, investment managers, CEO of a hi-tech startup.

Aircraft and spacecrafe enterprises

Software development companies

Federal and regional agencies for science and innovation


Significant discounts upon the results of interview

Educationa fee, rubles Full-time education
For Russian citizens For foreign citizens
One semester with 50% discount (if personal achievments are 10 points or more) 33 625 37 000
One semester with 40% discount (if entrance examination (interview) is 51 points or more) 40 350 44 400
One semester with 40% discount (if all exams are passed with excellent marks ) 40 350 44 400
One semester with 35% discount (if all exams are passed with excellent and good marks ) 43 712 48 100
Per semester without discount 67 250 74 000
Per year without discount 134 500 148 000

Samara city is a cultural, industrial and scientific
center of Russia


The Russian Federation. Samara

Samara is one of the largest cities in Russia. Its population is 1,172,034 people. Samara is an administrative centre of Samarskaya Region. The city was founded in 1586 as a fortress. Now it is an important political, industrial and cultural center of Russia. It is located in the south-eastern part of European Russia, on the Volga river. The climate is continental, with hot summers and cold winters.

Оne of the best universities in the Russian Federation


The leading university in the Russian Federation

Samara National Research University, named after academician and aerospace designer, Sergei Korolev, is one of the leading Russian universities. Its special status is enshrined in the regulatory documents of the Government of the Russian Federation and recognized by the academic community. It is a dynamically developing university - a participant of national initiatives for the development and support of leading Russian universities. Samara University enters the most authoritative world rankings - QS and Times Higher Education, where Russia is represented by only 27 universities. The university campus occupies a vast territory with modern infrastructure. It supports students in their individual and collective learning efforts and sport activities – from Internet cafes to swimming pool, from Botanic garden to ice skating ring.


The best lecturers to deliver the programme

The study process is provided with professors and tutors in engineering and management for the aerospace, radio-electronic, information technology, metallurgical and automotive industries.

  • Jonathan Crook

    Director of a UK Company, Stonehaven Technology. Specialist of project management

  • Alexey Stukalov

    CTO in Stonehaven Technology. Project Manager in Haulmont. Specialist of E-commerce

  • Darya Gerasimenko

    Ph.D in Political Economy from University of St. Gallen. Specialist of Sustainable development

  • Dmitriy Shulgin

    Ph.D in Economic from University of UrFU. Director of Intellectual Property Center


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